Zhu Xingchang and his party from Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank of Yangzhou visited GuoTai

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[GuoTai news] on the afternoon of March 18, Yangzhou Yizheng, President of rural commercial bank Zhuquan, vice president xukey, and general manager of finance zhouchengye, visited Guotai. The purpose of this visit was to communicate deeply and promote business cooperation between the two sides in various aspects. Wang genbin, chairman of the group, gaoyugui, vice president of fire control, and other leaders warmly received the group.


At the meeting, chairman Wang genbin extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the first line of directors of bank Zhu, and elaborated the system planning and development objectives of GuoTai in recent five years and the progress of the group listing. Wang said that rural commercial banks have a long history and strong strength. They have always maintained good cooperation relations and solid foundation for cooperation. He hoped that both sides could further expand the areas of cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Under the leadership of Wang Dong, Zhu Xingchang and his delegation visited Guotai fire science and Technology Museum, laboratory and intelligent workshop. On the spot, they felt the intelligent manufacturing series workshop of GuoTai industry 4.0. During the visit, leaders gave full affirmation and high-level evaluation to the achievements of the company's rapid development. President Zhu said GuoTai Group has strong strength and has a wide range of popularity in the industry. The agricultural commercial bank is very optimistic about GuoTai's advantages and prospects, will continue to support the future development of GuoTai, establish a better cooperation relationship with GuoTai, and achieve mutual assistance and win-win results.

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