GuoTai fire first launched traceable anti-counterfeiting logo for fire box

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[GuoTai  News] recently, GuoTai  fire technology management center has heard that since March 2021, the fire box products produced by GuoTai  began to use the flow direction identification (electronic ID card) with physical and electronic anti-counterfeiting technology. The new logo will truthfully and effectively record the name, batch, specification, quantity and sales direction of fire products. In the future, users can trace the whole process of GuoTai  fire box products through a QR code.

It is reported that the fire hydrant box produced by GuoTai  is the first in China to pass the voluntary certification of Tianjin Fire Research Institute of emergency management department. Now, GuoTai Pacific fire is the first company to launch the traceability anti-counterfeiting logo of fire box series products, which will become the first company in the industry to launch the traceability platform, so as to better guarantee the rights and interests of customers and buy real GuoTai  products.

Wang genbin, chairman of GuoTai  Group, said: "online traceable anti-counterfeiting identification (electronic ID card) is a regulatory platform that we provide users with controllable traceability from product production to final sales. It not only enables users to query product information more quickly and effectively, but also enables us to control our own product channels more efficiently. Other fire protection products of GuoTai  already have electronic ID cards. GuoTai  is the first in the industry to apply for electronic ID cards for fire box products. We welcome your supervision and feedback. We will continue to optimize and provide better products and services for users. "


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