He Guotai Fire Protection approved Key Laboratory Project of the Ministry of emergency management of the people's Republic of China

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[Guotai news] recently, the group received a notice that Guotai fire was approved as the key laboratory project of the Ministry of emergency management of the people's Republic of China, and jointly built the Guotai experimental base with the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of emergency management of fire emergency rescue equipment of the people's Republic of China. The approval of Cathay Key Laboratory once again reflects the industry leading edge of Cathay technology. In the future, Cathay Pacific Laboratory and emergency management department will jointly carry out scientific and technological research and development, standard preparation, personnel training, academic conferences, and demonstration of scientific and technological achievements, so as to promote the further development of domestic fire industry!

It is reported that as early as 2014, Cathay fire group established the laboratory and obtained the national laboratory unit certificate. Cathay people have been working hard to contribute to the development of fire industry. Now, Cathay Pacific Group is committed to building a comprehensive service provider of China's emergency safety industry with fire protection as the core, and all work is in full swing. The Guotai fire protection industry ecosystem has been initially established, including production, science and technology, R & D, IOT, intelligence, scheme, detection, maintenance, installation, evaluation, fire squadron and 119 linkage, conference and exhibition and fire school. With the landing of various fire technology platforms of Cathay Pacific, we believe that the future of Cathay Pacific will be more wonderful!

5.jpg[the figure is a sample agreement of the experimental base jointly established by the fire and Emergency Management Department of GuoTai]

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